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China Railway 20 Bureau Group Corporation is a super-large scale construction enterprise, boasting a special grade overall contract qualification for railway engineering, a first grade overall contract qualification for highway and municipal engineering, and fourteen specialized contract qualification such as bridge and tunnel. It was qualified for contracting overseas projects by the Board of Trade Ministry in 2000.
The Group corporation,was founded in 1949 incorporated into the Railway Ministry in 1984, and renamed the 20th Engineering Bureau of the Railway Ministry. It’s system of organization was reformed in 2002, renamed China Railway 20 Bureau Group Corporation, administering six sub-company and twelve branch company. There are more than thirteen thousand staff, in which, 8369 persons being various professional technological staff, and 682 persons being senior technological staff. There are five hundred and ten million Yuan registered capital, Its annual construction capacity achieves more than eight thousand million Yuan.
The Group corporation sub-servients to its fine tradition, developing and expanding the spirit of being honest, being realistic, making innovates and advancing bravely. Taking market demand as guide, and scientific and technological making innovates as foundation, and taking human as fundament, we are keen on reform and exert ourselves to make modern image.
In the past more than fifty years, we have successively contracted to build more than eighty railways, more than one hundred highways, and more than two hundred other projects such as city light-rail, underground railway, municipal, airport, Irrigation and electric power engineering, in the meantime, having trained rush professional technology and management qualified people, and accumulated plentiful experiments for construction and management ,and we won lots of awards by the nation, provinces and ministries.
After reforming system, persisting strategic thinking of one main industry, multiple businesses . sighting projects of high-speed railway, expressway, high-rise building, high scientific and technological content, we always go the integration road of combining scientific research, design and construction, multiple businesses, combining internal and international. On the basis of passing quality system, occupational safe and health system and environment management system identification, we will cooperate with friends of various circles and create a beautiful future.